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7 Reasons to Choose Us:
Your Trusted, Reliable, and Reputable Builder

When it comes to building or renovating your home, choosing the right builder is crucial. At Duncan Building Services, we take pride in being your trusted, reliable, and reputable builder. Here are seven compelling reasons why we should be your first choice:

Reason 1. Proven Systems for Seamless Projects

With our fine-tuned systems, we ensure that your project runs seamlessly and efficiently. Our well-established processes help us keep costs down and complete the project on time. For example, we won’t allow sub-standard or non-compliant materials on site which could cause sign-off delays and a lot of potential re-work. You can rely on our expertise to deliver exceptional results without any unnecessary delays or complications.

Reason 2. Excellent Communication from Start to Finish

We value open and transparent communication throughout your building journey. Right from the beginning, we ask detailed questions to understand your goals and aspirations. This allows us to deliver outcomes that truly align with your vision. Throughout the build, we maintain approachable and proactive communication, keeping you informed at every step. You can trust us to provide clear updates and ensure that everything is proceeding smoothly.

Reason 3. Proactive Planning for Timely Completion

Our commitment to proactive planning sets us apart. We go the extra mile by taking early actions to avoid delays and additional costs. For instance, we order necessary products well in advance, eliminating potential setbacks. Even if there are unexpected delays, our proactive approach ensures that your project progresses seamlessly, on time and on budget, to give you peace of mind.

Reason 4. A Stress-Free Building Experience

We understand that building projects can often be stressful. That’s why we strive to make your experience as stress-free as possible. We handle the big questions, like timelines and costs, as well as the finer details, such as helping you determine the best placement of power points in your living room. By working closely with you, we ensure that your project is tailored to your preferences, making the entire journey enjoyable and hassle-free.

Reason 5. No Variation Penalties, Just Flexibility

Change is a natural part of any building process, and we embrace it. We don’t penalise you for wanting to make adjustments along the way. We understand that variations can enhance the final outcome, and we want you to have the freedom to make those changes without unnecessary worries. Our focus is on delivering a great outcome that aligns with your evolving needs and preferences.

Reason 6. Built to Code and Beyond

When it comes to building, we live and breathe the New Zealand Building Code. We are well-versed in its requirements and ensure that every aspect of your project complies with or exceeds the code. But it doesn’t stop there. We go the extra mile by recommending proven products that not only meet the code but have also stood the test of time. Your home will be built to last, providing you with a rock-solid foundation for decades to come.

Reason 7. Our Name Matters: A Family Legacy

For us, every building job is a reflection of our family name and legacy. We are deeply committed to upholding our reputation and delivering exceptional results on every project we undertake. With our family name on the line, we refuse to cut corners or compromise on quality. You can trust us to prioritise your satisfaction, ensuring that your home is built with the utmost care and craftsmanship.

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Excellent, trustworthy & professional are all words I would use to describe Duncan Building Services. They made the whole building process a pleasure & took care of everything, I can’t thank Brian and his team enough for the fantastic work they did completing our minor dwelling.

Richele Corps

Duncan Building Services

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